Foolish Doctrines


There are many people today who are not satisfied with understanding the Word of God. They must constantly find new obscure interpretations of Scripture – These I call foolish doctrines. While I must admit that every once in a while one of these “doctrines” makes sense (maybe is even true), I must also
caution you that God, Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit of God has never in the Holy Scriptures told us to figure out what we are to do based on “our own understanding” of the way things appear to be. The bible is a very clear book, if we take it as it is presented we can understand the things of God very clearly (Jn.5:19 clearly says only do what the Father says to do or shows you to do) -IF-our heart and relationship to our Lord Jesus Christ is correct and pure. Unfortunately most of the people who
spend their time on these “doctrines” feel that they must have a mailing list or other means to send their “great revelations” out into the mix, causing confusion. The purpose of this study is to help you learn to determine if a study (teaching, paper) will be of benefit to you or not as you pursue your relationship with our Lord.. If it will not help you in your pursuit of holiness why read it? The following points are a means of judging any teaching that is presented to you for this determination.


Any teaching that is based on scripture should as one of its main objectives cause us to look at our life and measure our present condition against the scriptural parameters concerning this subject.

Does it bring conviction to me?

Any teaching that does not bring conviction,(it may even “hurt”) is not of much use to us unless it pertains to an area of our life that the Lord has already purged and purified or to an area of understanding such as proper church government that is necessary to our growth, but not necessarily directly personal.

Does it have a useful practical use in MY life

Any teaching that does not have a useful, practical, present purpose in changing me to be more like Jesus Christ is not something that I should spend my time with. If I cannot put it in to practice now it would probably be best to set it aside until I have a present need for it. (If I ever do)

Does it help to bring me to the PLACE of MATURITY that Scripture shows I need to be pursuing?

The whole idea of Christianity is to become Like CHRIST, who Scripture says is our example. If this is not the purpose of the teaching, then why should I waste my precious time with it?

Does it increase my desire to be involved with my brethren ?
Or does it cause me to foster an “Elitist” attitude?

The most important growth process for a Christian occurs when we must interact within a close personal relationship with our brothers and sisters. Only when we must associate closely with other imperfect people can God show us what we are really like and convict us to change. Many (most) false and useless teachings cause people to develop an “elitist” attitude (the feeling that you walk on a “higher level” than others do with God), instead of promoting humility and solid relationships.
Though there are some things we cannot fellowship with (catholicism, mormonism, jehovah witness all denomnational teaching and others that do not follow the Real Jesus Christ), we should be able and desire to have fellowship with our real brothers and sisters in Christ. Anything that does not promote these proper relationships is not worth reading.

Does it have a POSITIVE SCRIPTURAL influence TOWARD the Lord Jesus Christ?

Does it advance the place and influence of Jesus Christ in my life? Anything that does not as its main purpose lead me to a closer more intimate relationship with my Lord is not worth spending my precious time with.

Does it allow “GOD to BE GOD” or does it limit Him?

We must understand that there are scriptural laws and principals that govern EVERYTHING – INCLUDING what God can and cannot do. God said so. Outside of these God given principals –
We MUST NOT LIMIT God. We must allow Him to do things AS HE WISHES.

Any study (teaching) that does not fulfill the above points is probably a waste of your time (at least for now). SO WHY READ IT? Instead get out your BIBLE and let God show you by His Holy Spirit, something that is presently useful to you – something to enhance your relationship to Him – to help you
mature to the stature of the fullness of Christ. To become a complete man (male or female) in Christ. Charles LaFoe

copyright 8/5/2017