The Error of Their Ways

A little about the condition of the churches. And modern Christianity in general.

So many scriptural truths have been and are being compromised or polluted by the mainstream churches and many others whose main programs are collecting money and gathering large numbers of people devoted to their “church”. Its all about “our church”, not Jesus and the body of Christ. The one with the most people, the fanciest buildings, the most toys and the largest weekly collection is the winner?

People are being put into bondage to a building, a man, a man”s dream, a denomination (most non-denominations are a denomination unto themselves) or anything but freedom in a real relationship with Christ. Where the scriptures say the purpose is PEOPLE. Not money or numbers but actually bringing people into the FREEDOM Christ. Jesus came to deliver them FROM not bring people into greater bondage.

THESE are “churches of men”, not churches of Christ because TRUE disciples of Christ do not care about money or numbers but the proper disemination and understanding of the scriptures. We are called to bring the truths of scripture and help people to have a personal relationship with the Christ. Yes fellowship is good and is important but not at the expense of leaving the truths of scripture behind.

Scripture tells us not to get involved with this type of place but to (come out of her). Remember Paul said it clearly “if anyone brings you a gospel different from the Gospel that we teach let them be an anethma”. In other words – get out of there as fast as you can.

Its not about being comfortable, whether we like the people, if the leader is a great charismatic speaker or entertainer, but it is — is this where we are supposed to be, where God wants us for now? Are we being challenged to become Christ like? Are we learning scriptural truths or are we hearing cute stories and fun stuff while we sip our latte from the coffee shop in the lobby. In fact if you are not being upset with conviction once in a while you are in the wrong place.

The scriptural pattern is to teach the pure unadulterated scriptures and let those that have an ear to hear accept them while not trying to placate those that do not. Then those who have learned truth will be leaving also, they will leave when it is their time to go and help others to follow God for themselves.

The best church is in a home or anywhere other than a “church building” but if there is a time and place for something larger.    That means a place that meets the need, like an abandoned store front or an old warehouse – not an edifice to show the great work of a man or men – there is no need to squander God’s money on a fancy building. They will all be left behind when we inherit the new heaven and earth after the judgment.    God wants it to be about Jesus and people (his church).

Why are “churches” like this?

It pretty simple really.   “Churches” are founded on unscriptural principles.   They are an attempt by men seeking power, to bring back the age of man rule from the old testament when Israel were God’s people.   That ended at the cross when Jesus said ” it is finished”   A majority of those” leading” today are not called of God but have gone to college, gotten a degree and the a job. Many are not truly born again according to scripture. Scripture calls them hirelings. And even more they do not understand scripture themselves. They believe what they are taught in school without having proven it themselves. They follow the teachings they are given and go for the money and the numbers. See our study “ the Authority of the Christian church” free on our website.    There is no such thing in this age  as a man called a pastor, The only Pastor Is Jesus Christ, there are no Leaders but there are to be servants anointed by God.   There is no place called a “church” in the new testament.    There is no clergy/laity, all are equal, one class saints of God.

There so many confused and troubled familes and the divorce rate among those professing to be Christians is almost the same as among those of this world. I have even met many leaders that recommend divorce as an easy option.

The true church is to learn what a Christian family is and how to achieve those goals. Of The few people that actually teach these things the majority use materials other than the scriptures. Many use ungodly psychiatry and other doctrines of men instead of the scripture. Some even have ungodly antiChrist psychiatric counsellors on staff. Psychiatry says understand your psyche—scripture says to crucify it.

Lets face it the scriptures , properly applied are not always easy to receive and may offend. God forbid that we should upset anyone, that could cause us to lose the numbers game. Feel good material is for now, scripture is forever.

In teaching around the world these last 40 years I can count on my fingers the number of times I have heard anyone use the scriptural principle an old timer taught me before I was involved in ministry.

His statement, which I received and believe with my whole being is repeated by me before I teach – always. Its a simple “I do not want you to believe anything I or any other man teaches you until you have searched it out for yourself in the scriptures and it has been confirmed by scripture and the Holy Spirit.”. Remember, I am responsible for what I teach but You and only you are responsible for what you believe. Have you heard this statement? Are you willing to make such a statement whenever you teach or explain the word? If not you should never try to teach scriptural principals.

I have met far too many men that believe and teach that you should believe what they teach because they are teaching it. This is not a scriptural doctrine and they should be confronted when they do it. There are many churches that never invited me back after I said this from their pulpit. When you run into this attitude confront and if not accepted get away – fast

There is only one instruction manual. It is the only marriage counseling guide needed. It is the only teaching guide needed. It is the only life guide needed. there is NO other. It IS for TODAY.

It is “The Scriptures” . Most say and believe and teach that bibles are scripture/ They ARE NOT, they are translations by men and include the beliefs of the translators. Be careful there are many translations that will lead you astray. I personally refer frequently to the Interlinear bible which is a word by word translation. There are several good translation, I like the Geneva, NKJV and Amplified my self and detest the NIV and the KJV but if your heart is right and you are baptized in the Holy Spirit, asking his help when studying He will see you find the truth no matter what version you use.

No book is Holy, but the CONTENTS of the Scriptures are.

Read them , learn Gods principles. Make sure what you believe is not what you think, but is what God says. And if you don’t believe it enough to stake your life on your beliefs then don’t try to teach them to others. We are nearing the end and it is imperative that the games of playing church are replaced with scriptural truths, from men that understand, follow scripture, as living examples, that will come out of the wilderness and stand for the risen Christ. Many thousands need HIM, where are you– come and make your stand for Jesus Christ, the Lord of this age and the only way to enter the eternal Kingdom of God..        Charles LaFoe

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